Rosary Vigil in front of Sharonville abortion center

04/26/2014 9:00 am
04/26/2014 10:00 am

Please join Fr. Andre-Joseph, the Knights of Columbus Elder Council and your fellow St. Gertrude parishioners on the 4th Saturday of every month at 9:00 am to pray the Rosary in front of the Sharonville abortion mill.

The Knights will provide transportation leaving at 8:45 from the parish. For information, contact Tom Hahn at 831-2386.

Conceived in Rape & Other Exceptions


This video illustrates the power women and men have when they tell the truth about abortion from their own expereinces. Encouraging countless more people to do the same continues to be my passion as you and I discussed some time ago. God willing, I pray you and a few other key people will have a role to play in helping the victims of abortion find their voices like those in this video.

Brother Joseph L. Gubasta, Ph.D.

Measure Up Campaign - 2014

April 26-27, 2014 – Kroger Mariemont, 7835 Wooster Pike

We need 2-3 Knights each for two 2-hour shifts on both Saturday and Sunday. We will staff the exit and collect donations to support the developmentally disabled. Please give up a couple hours to help those in need.

Click here to see the sign-ups. This takes 5 minutes to update so your sign-up will not immediately show up. Your phone number and email address will not show up at all and will only be seen by this website admin and Elder Council Members responsible for organizing these events.

2014 Retreat Talks with Rev. Chistopher Saliga, O.P.

Sponsored by: The Knights of Columbus, Elder Council

Every successful Christian leader looks for and sees God’s face, listens for and hears His voice. We can come to see and actually know God, Who is present to us in every situation of our lives. This vision and knowledge is essential for you and me to go and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:16-20). The theme for the 2014 Retreat is “Listen to me! Go and make disciples of all nations!”

Below are the recordings to play in a new window or tab:

If you want to download the recordings go here:

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Good of the Order - Called to Defend Our Faith and the Church

Has anyone here ever tried ice fishing, i.e., drilling a hole in the ice on a frozen lake and dropped in a fishing line? There are other things these fishermen do but I’d like to focus on the fishing part.

Scanning many lakes in some of our northern states it’s common to see fishing shacks, or people standing around or sitting on a stool looking down at their feet, or so it seems. Sometimes vehicles are seen on the ice too.

When it gets below freezing for a long enough time lake water will freeze to depths that create a solid surface strong enough to support considerable weight. I’ve driven on such ice and observed these scenes many times.

Make A Difference! Building Homes, Changing Lives

As part of a parish wide program, please join the Elder Council Knights of Columbus as we assist the Madisonville Church Coalition of Habitat for Humanity. All St. Gertrude parishioners are invited.

What: Build houses with Habitat for Humanity, Madisonville Church Coalition

Where: Madisonville Build sites (5714 Bramble Ave. and 4112 Azalea Ave.)

When: Every 5th Saturday starting in May.

How: Click here to sign up to volunteer

  • We will be working with other local churches on two projects: one new house and the re-habilitation of an existing house.
  • No experience is necessary! Knowledgeable Habitat builders provide direction and instruction.
  • All tools are provided. Bring a tool belt if you have one.
  • Volunteers age 16+ are welcome to build (16-17 require parental supervision).
  • If working on a house is not your thing, we also need volunteers to supply lunch for the work crew.
  • This is not a giveaway program. In addition to paying a monthly mortgage, the recipient (partner) family helps build the house and invests 500 hours of their own hard work as a down payment
  • Since 1986 Cincinnati Habitat has built over 220 homes
  • K of C contact: Phil Motz email: ph: 513-677-2871
  • Luke E. Hart Series (What Catholics believe, How Catholics pray, How Catholics live)

    Select Picture to go to page of courses.

    Based upon the Catechism of the Catholic Church, this series answers three questions of the deepest importance to any practicing Catholic, or person looking for a better understanding of our faith: What does a Catholic believe?, How does the Catholic worship?, and How does the Catholic live?

    The 2014 Super Cash Bonanza

    As in the recent past, 25 cash prizes will be awarded to winners during the drawing at the Columbus Hilton at Easton Hotel as part of the 2014 State Convention’s Friday Night Party. Top prize will be $49,680, with $18,780 and $12,720 as second and third prizes, respectively. The other prizes include 4th, $4,000; 5th, $3,000; 6th-9th, $1,500; 10th-13th, $1,250; 14th-17th, $1,000; 18th-21st, $750; and 22nd-25th, $500.

    Measure Up - 2013

    Each year, the Knights of Columbus solicit donations on behalf of local institutions that support individuals with mental or physical disabilities. This year, Elder Council participated in the flagship charity of the Knights of Columbus raising $650 by collecting at local Kroger stores.

    On October 31st, several Knights including Kurt Kaufman, Tom Hahn, Al Stevenson, and John Holden presented a check to Greg Ernst - Executive Director, St. Rita School for the Deaf.

    Pastoral and Doctrinal (Multiple Videos)

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