Good of the Order - When Problems Can't Be Ignored

“We have to turn things around.” State Deputy Ken Girts. Buckeye Bulletin, July-August, 2014. “It IS possible to achieve our goals.” Ibid”
“Use our numbers when you recruit a new member” Ibid. September-October, 2014.
Judging from the attention given the membership issue from our worthy State Deputy and this Council’s leaders, let’s consider this challenging issue from another perspective.

Where would the Knights of Columbus be without the Catholic Church?
Where would the Catholic Church be without the Knights of Columbus?

These questions are so intimately intertwined that the answer to one significantly affects the other. For example:

Badly Schooled

While serving as chaplain in a large mental hospital, I quickly learned that one can be both mentally ill and highly intelligent. Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and their superior in malice, Chairman Mao, were intelligent men who vandalized the attics of culture because they had some vestige of culture and hated it.

Thus it is with those who think of themselves as the culturally elect in our day. Politicians and the media that comment on them are the first generation of our society to have been badly schooled without being aware of the fact. Napoleon had the same problem, which is why Talleyrand lamented that a man so highly intelligent had been so poorly educated.

Atheists, who are politely called “secularists,” are different from the saints who are “in this world but not of it” because they are “of the world but not in it.” This explains why their solutions to the world’s ills are so wrong.


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Fr. Daniel Merz, Secretariat of Divine Worship

Reading 1 IS 45:1, 4-6

Thus says the LORD to his anointed, Cyrus,
whose right hand I grasp,
subduing nations before him,
and making kings run in his service,
opening doors before him
and leaving the gates unbarred:
For the sake of Jacob, my servant,
of Israel, my chosen one,
I have called you by your name,
giving you a title, though you knew me not.
I am the LORD and there is no other,
there is no God besides me.
It is I who arm you, though you know me not,
so that toward the rising and the setting of the sun
people may know that there is none besides me.
I am the LORD, there is no other.

Double Barrel

Preaching to the Indulged and Selfish Culture

Recently, many television viewers complained about a news bulletin covering the beheading of the journalist and devout Catholic, James Foley. Their objection was not to the horror of the news, but that it had interrupted the broadcast of a soap opera. We are learning quickly that people with that defective kind of priority will soon find out the hard way that life is not a soap opera. We are now engaged in a war, whether or not some politicians hesitate to call it that, and it must have priority over all other interests. The war is being fought by enemies of God, deluded by the conceit that they are fighting for God.

How to Lose the Culture War - Peter Kreeft

Suit to Restrict Pulpit Speech Dismissed


The following is taken from the National Catholic Register. Please take time to read the article.

An atheist organization’s attempt to utilize the IRS to restrict clergy’s First Amendment right to preach against politicians and policies that contradict the Gospel appears to have misfired.

by WAYNE LAUGESEN 09/09/2014

WASHINGTON — The Constitution forbids restraint of speech. Nevertheless, clergy claim the Internal Revenue Service has a tool that restrains what gets preached from the pulpit.

It’s called fear.

“The IRS threatens the life of the church,” said Daniel Blomberg, legal counsel for the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty.

Blomberg represented Milwaukee’s Holy Cross Anglican Church and its pastor, Rev. Patrick Malone, in a high-profile, three-party lawsuit that also included the IRS and the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF v. Koskinen). The FFRF wanted a federal court to force the IRS to penalize churches and clergy that tell members how they should vote.

The suit was dismissed in July at the urging of the plaintiff, the FFRF, after Holy Cross joined the suit with a motion to intervene.

“The IRS wants clergy to know one thing in no uncertain terms: ‘If you say certain things at certain times that make politicians uncomfortable, we can take away your tax-exempt status,’” Blomberg said. “‘We can take away deductions from people who fund the church, and we can come at the church and church leaders personally.’”

It’s tough talk from the IRS, but the agency has never followed through. The threats, Blomberg insists, are hollow and unenforceable — a lesson he believes the IRS may have quietly taught the FFRF after Holy Cross joined the suit.

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Good of the Order - Fire Fighters

Brothers, we are surrounded by evil spirits that act like arsonists intent on destroying God, the Church, our nation and world, the souls of family members, plus the innocent and vulnerable in our midst. They are relentlessly targeting our culture, institutions, traditions, and beliefs in pursuit of demonic dominance of humankind and our eternal damnation. The instruments of evil are both human and spiritual. They are everywhere. Unfortunately, many people are content to watch their fires burn instead of stopping them and/or putting them out.

Brothers, what evidence exists that we are worthy fire fighters for Christ and His Church? Are we believers in God’s Word, i.e., Jesus Christ and the Bible? Are we trained, disciplined, and obedient Catholics? Are we ready to further God’s kingdom here and now?

Dr. Peter Kreeft Christian Anthropology vs. the Sexual Revolution Part 1 and 2

Dr. Peter Kreeft lectures on the authentic meaning of human sexuality.

National Directive from the K of C Leadership: Failure to Lead

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." --Edmund Burke

The Knights of Columbus are, and always have been, strongly supportive of the right to life in their public statements. So it has long been a mystery to me why the K of C allows some politicians to continue their membership even while those politicians promote legalized abortion: in flagrant defiance of the teachings of their Church and the public statements of their fraternity.

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From Article:

The national directive from K of C leadership, warning local councils that they cannot suspend the membership of abortion supporters, is couched in neutral language, suggesting that any such move to oust a member must be approved at the very top levels of the fraternal order. But are the top leaders of the K of C ready to take action? To the best of my knowledge they have never yet ousted a member because of his support for abortion. If the local councils are forbidden to act, and the national leadership is unwilling to act, then the disgrace will continue: prominent men who support the killing of the unborn will be allowed to parade around in the guise of Catholic knighthood.

In his attempt to justify this policy of inaction, Supreme Advocate John Marrella writes: "If the public figure's bishop has not excommunicated him for his public positions on issues relating to matters of faith and morals, it would be highly inappropriate for the Knights of Columbus to do so." [The full text of the Marrella letter to the Massachusetts K of C leadership can be found below.]

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